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Catalogue 193 - Autumn 2011

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Item 280. The Reference Library of Brian North Lee, pre-eminent collector and historian of the bookplate, formed our catalogue 178 and ran to some 735 items. What remains of that fine collection, augmented by further purchases on the subject, may be found in Part II of this catalogue. Part I is a new departure, comprising some 300 actual bookplates and labels. Brian's own collection was sold at Bonhams, Bond Street, four years ago. Those we offer here come largely from two other sources. A. D. Nightall, was a Bedford printer for much of the second half of the last century, whose collection of Type Specimen Books we will be offering next year. Bryan Bonnett is a Suffolk collector and book scout who has been responsible for finding many of the treasures that we have been fortunate enough to catalogue over the last 35 years. It was he, indeed, who set me on the Pickering trail back in 1980, his fabulous collection of the books of William Pickering, Charles Whittingham & the Chiswick Press forming our Catalogue 21 - the first Claude Cox production to concentrate on the Art of the Book. Catalogue 195 (due in December) will include several recently purchased WP treasures from BB.

Our front cover picture is Item 280.

    Part I - Bookplates, Ex Libris & Book Labels
    Part II - Books about Bookplates & the Art of the Book
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