Part I - Bookplates, Ex Libris & Book Labels

1 ABBOT, Philip Henry The Honble. Lincolns Inn. Oval Crest plate; lightly dust-soiled but a good large copy. Franks 11.  £4

2 ABERCORN, Anne Jane [née GORE, Marchioness HAMILTON] Armorial plate, 'Sola Nobilitat Virtus', of Anne Jane Gore, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Arran, perhaps created in 1800 when she became the third wife of the John Hamilton, 1st Marquis of Abercorn. Franks 13426.  £5

3 ACTON, S.P. Small Lozenge Crest plate; 38 x 33mm; lightly dust-soiled but a good copy. Not in Franks.  £3

4 ALL SOULS COLLEGE, Oxford. SHERBORN, Charles W. Armorial; 'Vultus in Hostem', 'Liber. Coll. Omn. Anim. Fidel. Defunct. In. Oxon.' 'C.W. Sherborn fect. Lond. 1891' 95 x 80mm., a very good copy of this intricately engraved plate. Franks 33399.  £10

5 ALL SOULS COLLEGE, Oxford. SHERBORN, Charles W. Armorial; 'Vultus in Hostem', 'Liber. Coll. Omn. Anim. Fidel. Defunct. In. Oxon.' Legavit Joannes Andreas Doyle Socius MDCCCLXXXI - MCMVII Bibliothecarius MDCCCLXXXI - MDCCCLXXXVIII'. 'C.W. Sherborn fect. Lond. 1891' 155 x 110mm., a very good copy of this large version of Franks 33399 which also adds the Doyle Bequest legend beneath. Not in Franks.  £25

6 ALLEN, William Henry, Bromham House, Bedfordshire. Pictorial Spade Shield Armorial, 'Ex Opera et Industria'. A well preserved copy of this attractive design. Not in Franks. A Bedford engineer, Allen presumably commissioned this plate when he built Bromham House in 1897.  £6

7 ARCHINTO, Carlo, Count, of Milan (1669-1732).] Armorial, 'Archintea Laus'. Ms. shelf-mark numeral '69' in bottom left margin; a good copy of the handsome bookplate of Count Carlo Archinto of Milan (1669-1732).  £8

8 [ARMSTONG, William] Armorial plate, 'Fortis ac Fidelis', printed on pink paper; slightly soiled, name removed, otherwise a good copy. Franks 718.  £4

10 ASTLEY, Sr. Jacob Bart: of Melton Constable In Norfolk.18thC Chippendale Armorial plate, 'Justitiae Tenax'. Curved corner narrow shaded border, cut close; slightly browned but well preserved. Franks 866. Not in Blatchly.  £6

BADELEY, Lord. See item 22

11 BAKER, Geo[rg]e. Small double oval Crest plate; 45 x 35mm; slightly dust-soiled but a good copy. Franks 1228.  £3

12 BALDWYN, Blayney. Pictorial Armorial; 'Nunquam Non Paratus', 'Per Deum Meum Transilio Murum', Blayney Baldwyn. A:M. 55 x80mm., close trimmed with small hole at top right (not affecting engraving) but a sound copy of this eccentric design with rope-holding male angels flanking unfurled top-hung banner with central shield bearing arms (Baldwyn impaling Baldwyn). The owner was the mid-18thC. Vicar of Sandbach. Franks 1294.  £12

13 BARBER, John. Small Spade Shield Armorial plate, 80 x 60mm; a good copy. Franks 1404.  £3

BARLOW. See item 44

14 BARLOW, H. Esq. Chippendale Armorial plate, 40 x 35mm. well preserved. Franks 1488.  £4

15 BARROW, Revd. W. LLD Academy, Soho Square 1789. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial, 110 x 85mm, by J. Thornthwaite. Slight dust-soiling but a very good copy of the first state of this splendid plate. BNL British Bookplates 117. Franks 1642. See centre-page illustration.  £8

Item 15 Item 15 - Revd. W Barrow

16 [BAZLEY, Thomas] Spade Shield Armorial, 'Finem Respice'; A very good copy. Franks 32370. Manchester MP and cotton mill owner, Bazley had been a Royal Commissioner for the Great Exhibition and became 1st Baronet Bazley of Tolmers in 1869.  £4

17 BEAUMONT, Daniel. Chippendale Armorial of John Beaumont, 'Fide sed cui Vide', amended by his son Daniel by removing the engraved name 'Jno. Beaumont' and writing his own within the resulting frame. 'Danl. Beaumont 1764' is also inscribed at the head of the same fly-leaf. Edges cropped, otherwise well preserved. Franks 1962 (John Beaumont). See John Blatchly's account of this plate in Bookplate Journal, March 2008.  £8

18 BECKE, Thomas Kellett. Chippendale Armorial; 'Sine Me Ire Impune.' 'Thos. Kellett Becke Esq.' 90 x 55mm., a little marked with closed tears at corner margin, but well preserved. Not in Franks.  £4

19 BEETHAM, Frederick. Armorial; 'Per Ardua Surgam', 'Frederick Beetham'. 90 x 65mm., trimmed cloth, but a very good copy. Not in Franks.  £8

BELL, Robert Anning. See item 209

20 BELL, Charles William. Seal Armorial, 'The arms of Charles William Bell.' 'Perseverantia'. A nice copy of this attractive nid 19thC. circular plate. Not in Franks.  £10

21 BELL, Thomas. BEWICK School. 'Romantic' Pictorial, wood-engraved vignette; 'T. Bell. 1797' with flourished calligraphic 'signature' 'Thomas Bell' below. 55 x 70mm. (max.); lightly foxed and a little creased. Rather sub-Bewick tree & boulder design. dismissed as a 'spurious Bewick plate' by Tattersfield p.269. Franks 2123.  £8

22 BENN, Sir Ion Hamilton Bt. Of Rollesby. BADELEY, J.F. Modern Jacobean Armorial by 'J.F. B[adeley] 1929', 'Courage Sans Peur'; A very nice copy of this handsome modern armorial. Wilson & Lee: 27, plate 15.  £8

23 BENNET, R.H. Alexander. HUGHES, R.B. Pictorial Armorial; R: H: Alexan. Bennet; lady reading with spade shield as seat, within oval foliate border. Trimmed close but a nice copy of this classic romantic design by [Hughes]. Franks 2205 - a reworking of the signed 2204.  £10

24 BERNARD, Charles Esq. Eared Shield Armorial, lightly browned, otherwise a good copy. Not in Franks.  £5

BEWICK SCHOOL. See items 21 & 67

25 BILCO, Ex Libris Librum. OBERKAMPF. Etched Trophy plate, signed 'Oberkampf'. 50 x 70mm; a well preserved copy.  £5

BILLINGE. See item 163

26 BIRLEY, H.H. Crest plate with engraved name & space for number (supplied in ms.); slightly dust-soiled but a good copy. Franks 2610.  £3

27 BIZZARRO, Joannis. Pictorial Armorial. 'Ex Libris Joannia Bizzarro.' A handsome plate but cut close & worn with some loss, chiefly to text at foot.  £4

28 BLACKBURN, John. Spade Shield Armorial plate, 'Fide sed cui Vide'; a good copy of this handsome plate. Franks 2672 or 73.  £5

29 BLOCK, Henrici Vanden. Early Belgian Book Label; 'Ex Libris Henrici Vanden Block, Pbtri & insignis Collegiatae Ecclesiae DD. Michaelis & Gudilae Bruxellis Capellani.' Within double-ruled border. 50 x 75mm.; slight dust-soiling but well preserved.  £15

30 BODDINGTON, Thomas. Small Spade Shield Armorial, 70 x 55mm; lightly browned with minor loss at bottom margin (well clear of engraved design). Franks 2926.  £4

31 BOOTH, W. C. Twemlow-hall, Cheshire. Jacobean Armorial, margins cut close but a good copy. Franks 3066.  £4

32 BOULINVILER, Le Couvreur de. Book Label with fleuron border, 'Ex Libris Le Couvreur de Boulinviler.' 30 x 52mm., trimmed close, but a good copy of this pretty late 18thC label.  £15

33 BOWEN, William. Handsome Chippendale Armorial plate incorporating fire-breathing dragon in flourished border; slightly soiled but a well preserved copy. Franks 3262.  £5

34 BRERETON, Revd. J. D.C.L. Shield Armorial, 'Opitulante Deo', top corner frayed well clear of engraving, a good copy. Franks 3621.  £4

35 BRETT, Oliver, Viscount Esher. Monumental Armorial, 'Vicimus', 'Oliver Brett'. 80 x 60mm., a fine copy, printed in sepia.  £5

36 BRIDGEWATER Library. [EGERTON] SHERBORN, Charles, William. Large Armorial, 'Bridgewater Library', 'Sic Donec'. 'C[harles] W[illiam] Sherborn P.E. fecit 1898.' 125 x 90mm, a fine example of the copper-engraved work of the Victorian 'Little Master'. 'The oldest large family collection in England to survive intact into modern times', the Bridgewater Library was purchased intact by Henry Huntington through Sothebys in 1917.  £15

37 BRIGHT, Allan Heywood. Pictorial Armorial; 'Post Tenebras Lucem', 'E Libris Allan Heywood Bright A.D. 1912' A river flows through mountain scene with rising sun & hill top church in central oval with flanking shields; rose, lily & fern border with scrolls above & below. 'Alf[red] J. Downey Fecit. London W. 1912'. 60 x 70mm., a very nice copy with large margins of this artist's proof, signed at foot.  £15

38 BROOKS, John Thomas Esqr. Crest plate; slightly dust-soiled but a good copy. Franks 3902.  £3

Item 18 Item 18 - John Thomas Brooks.

39 BROOKS, T.W.D. Ch. Ch. Crest plate; slightly dust-soiled, some thinning and two small holes (clear of engraving). Small blue Christ Church label pasted in foot margin. Not in Franks.  £3

40 BROWN of New Hall. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial with crest of ship in full sail, 'Deus Adesto'. Very good with large margins. Franks 3953.  £12

41 BROWN, Dennis. Book Label; 'Quam Agros Tam Libros Colamus', 'Dennis Brown'. 35 x 55mm., slight browning but a good copy of this unsigned white line wood-engraved label in the style of Eric Gill; perhaps by Desmond Chute?  £8

42 BRUCE, Rt. Hon. Charles Viscount Ampthill. Mantle Armorial; 'Fuimus', 'The Right Honble. Charles Viscount Bruce of Ampthill (Son & Heir Apparent of Thomas Earl of Ailesbury) & Baron Bruce of Whorleton.' Lightly dust-soiled & rubbed but a sound copy of this intricate plate with 'Jacobean Armorial shield supporters and coronet on a mantle' as Franks (4126) would have it.  £12

43 BULAWAYO CLUB. HARLEY, Henry J. Large Pictorial 'Ex Libris Bulawayo Club', signed india paper proof, mounted, by 'Henry J. Harley, 1906'. 120 x 90mm; a very good copy of this scarce etched plate: central statue of Cecil Rhodes on massive pedestal with Club buildings in hilly landscape behind, border of vignette scenes of: mining, big game, trekking with mule and ox trains, Bantu village & Victoria Falls.  £25

44 [BULLOCK, Col. John] BARLOW. Pictorial Armorial, 'Nil Conscire Sibi', Shield with Bullock arms against tree with background of 'soldiers before what may be a representation of Quebec, at the siege of which it has been suggested that Bullock served under Wolfe'. Engraved by Barlow, 1800. Franks 4318?. BNL, British Bookplates 83 refers.  £15

45 BUTTS, Robert. Handsome Chippendale Armorial plate. Bottom left corner singed, clear of engraved surface; slightly soiled but otherwise a well preserved example of this handsome plate. Franks 4698.  £5

46 CAMERON, Charles. Chippendale Armorial plate, 'Pro Rege et Patria'; lightly browned with two small holes just clear of engraved surface. Franks 4934.  £4

47 CAMPBELL, John, Earl of Loudoun. Chippendale Armorial, arms on a mantle; 'I bide my time', 'John Earl of Loudoun'. 85 x 65mm., a little marked but a sound copy. Franks 4950.  £8

48 [CAMPBELL] Alexander [second] Earl Of Marchmont. Large Armorial; 'True to the end', 'Nemo Me Impune Lacessit', 'Fides Pro Bata Coronat'. His Excellency Alexander Earle of Marchmont Viscount of Blasonberry Lord Polwarth [&c. &c.] Lord Leiutenant [sic] & Sherrif of Berwickshire Ao: 1725' 105 x 85mm.; slight soiling and small hole beneath arms affecting two letters of six-line engraved legend at foot, but a good copy with large margins of this tour-de-force of the engraver's art. Ms. shelf mark in top margin. Not in Franks who lists several Alexander Campbells and other Earls of Marchmont but apparently not this.  £25

49 CARD, Samuel. Jacobean Armorial plate, 'Negata Tentat Iter Via'; some thinning & abrasions with internal tears but only neglible loss. Franks 5098.  £6

50 CASTLE, Septimus, Birkenhead. Pictorial plate, presumably depicting Castle's mock-tudor library at Park Lodge, Bidston, Cheshire; 'Praesto et Presto'. A very good copy of this fin-de-siécle plate by [Fanny Dove] 'Hamel Lister, 1895'. Not in Franks. See BNL British Bookplates p.106.  £8

51 CATALANS, C. V.V.(?) Coloured Modern Pictorial, 'Ex Libris C. Catalans'; female nude feeding horse in profile, printed in green from an etched design by 'V.V.'(?). 75 x 60mm., a very good copy with large margins.  £20

Items 186, 284, 212, 51 Items 186, 284, 212 & 51.

52 CHAMIER, Anthony. Chippendale Armorial; 'Patriae quid Debeat, et quid Amicis'; margin close-trimmed but not cropped. Franks 5532.  £4

53 CHAPLIN, Gwendolin Margaret. Bookcase Pictorial, 'Ex Libris' on scroll, 'Gwendolin Margaret Chaplin' in panel at foot. 75 x 55mm., a fine copy, printed in sepia.  £8

54 CHEVELEY, Jane. Early 19thC (?) Lady's plate. Chippendale armorial lozenge with cockerel in profile. Slightly marked but well preserved. Franks 5719.  £5

CLENNELL, Luke. See item 67

56 COLLIER, John. HALEY, Henry J. Pictorial Library; Ex Libris Henry Lloyd Jenkins R.N.R. Classical semi-draped standing female nude, sans bras, with artist's palette & brushes and dishevelled bookcase behind; 'H[enry] J. Haley, del. et sculpt.' 60 x 35mm., a very nice copy with large margins of this proof copy, signed in pencil at foot by the artist. John Collier (1850-1934), painter & writer on art; best known for his portraiture with 11 works at the National Portrait Gallery including Darwin & T.H. Huxley to whose daughters Marian and Ethel he was married.  £15

57 COLONIAL DAMES Of America. Pictorial Fan; 'Colere Coloiarum Gloriam', 'E Libris Colonial Dames of America.' 'Copyright 1894 by Mrs J.K. Van Rens (??)' 65 x 90mm.; 'Chapter XI London' neatly inscribed in bottom margin; a nice copy of this striking fan design with trailing banners at foot, for the Society founded in 1890. Not in Franks.  £15

58 COLVIN, Sidney. SHERBORN, Charles William. Pictorial with central monogram in flower & leaf ground with shelf of books & paintings at foot; 'Oublier Ne Puis'. 'CWS 1888'. 55 x 45mm., well preserved. Franks 6537.  £5

59 CONSTABLE, William. Festoon Armorial; 'Ubi Spiritus Ibi Libertas', 'Wm. Constable Esqr. F.R.S. & F.A.S.' Lightly dust-soiled and a little marked but a good copy of this elegant plate. Franks 6646.  £5

60 COODE, Edwd. Chippendale Armorial plate; lightly browned, small piece torn from top right corner well clear of engraved surface. Franks 6675.  £5

61 COOK, Capt. [James. Jnr.] Spade Shield Trophy Armorial; 'Circa Orbem. Nil Intentatum Reliquit.' Circular burn mark in head margin, just invading crest motto ribbon, otherwise a very good copy of this curious plate. Cook was killed on Hawaii in 1779 and the coat of arms emblazoned here was granted to his family in 1785. Cook's naval officer son, also James, gained his first command, the sloop of war Spitfire, in 1793, so could have used this plate. But he was found dead on an Isle of Wight beach 'under circumstances which pointed strongly to the suspicion of murder, and the original copper passed through various hands... until it came into the posession of the Rev. Canon Bennett' who allowed Egerton Castle to illustrate it in his English Book-Plates (Bell, 1893, pp.114-6). Not in Franks.  £25

62 COOPER, Duff [1st Viscount Norwich] WHISTLER, Rex. Decorated Portrait Pictorial; 'Duff Cooper' in copperplate script beneath bust of his famously beautiful wife Diana, within Jacobean border incorporating vine & grapes with champagne, scrolls & diplomatic boxes at foot. 105 x 70mm (140 x 100 with extra double-ruled borders); a fine (proof?) copy of the larger version of perhaps Whistler's most celebrated design, engraved by Robert Osmond. Lee, Whistler 6, assumes this was for Diana Cooper who features strongly but surely as a mainstay of her husband (along with the scrolls & diplomatic boxes belonging to the life of a politician). Lee, Osmond 131.  £25

63 CORBET, Andrew Vincent. Eared Shield Armorial with double crest; 'Deus Pascit Corvos', Andrew Vincent Corbet. Bart. 1835.' 105 x 65mm., a nice copy of this 'Quarterly of 25' armorial. Franks 6843.  £10

64 COTTON, Mr Hart. Chippendale-framed engraved label. 40 x 60mm., a well preserved example of this attractive label. Franks 6989.  £4

65 CRADOCK, John, Loughborough. YATES. Large Mantle Armorial, the eared shield with credt of bear's head proper muzzled. 'Yates Sculp.' 105 x 75mm.; a very good copy with large margins of this handsome plate for the Quorn huntsman who died in 1833. Not recorded by Franks whose 7201, John Cradock, is a Chippendale Cypher plate.  £10

67 CRESSWELL, J[ohn, of Rothbury House, Heaton] BEWICK SCHOOL. Bewick School Pictorial; 'J. Cresswell'. Vignette of woodland with water-mill in background engraved on wood by Luke Clennell in the style of Thomas Bewick to whom he was apprenticed, 1797-1804. 50 x 80mm., a very good large copy. Commissioned by the Newcastle-born artist William Nicholson whose water-colour on which Clennell's engraving is based is now in the Laing Gallery, Newcastle. Later in the 19thC John Cresswell adapted the plate by erasing Clennell's engraved 'Wm. Nicholson' and substituting his name in letterpress. Lee, British Bookplates 106 illustrates the original plate.  £12

68 CRISP, Charles Birch. MUSSETT, W. & A. Full Armorial, single coat; 'Justum et Tenacem', 'Charles Birch Crisp'. W & A Mussett, fecit, Lincolns Inn London'. 95 x 65mm., a nice copy. Lee, Mussett 90.  £10

69 CRISP, Charles Birch. MUSSETT, W. & A. Full Armorial, single coat; 'Justum et Tenacem', 'Charles Birch Crisp'. W & A Mussett, fecit, Lincolns Inn London'. 95 x 65mm., a nice copy. Lee, Mussett 90.  £10

70 CROSSMAN, George, AM. [Devon & Ch. Ch.] Flourished Spade Shield Armorial; a very good copy of this handsome plate. Not in Franks.  £5

71 CROSSMAN, [Family] Early 19thC. Armorial; a very good copy. From the same family as George Crossman, above. Franks 7467.  £5

72 CULLUM, Sir Thos. Gery, Bart. FRS. Chippendale Armorial plate, 'Sustineatur'; edges & corners unevenly trimmed close and lightly browned. A handsome plate, altered from that of his brother, Sir John, whom he succeeded in 1785. Blatchly SNE 69; Franks 7542.  £5

73 CUNLIFFE, Sr Foster, Bart. Birkenhead. Pictorial Spade Shield Armorial by 'E. Bartolozzi fec[it]', 'Fidelitur'; Light dust-soiling and a little marginal surface damage but still a good copy of this handsome large plate with good margins. Franks 7585.  £10

74 CURRER, Frances Mary Richardson. Armorial lozenge ladies plate. Faint foxing but a nice copy of the eccentric plate of this celebrated book collector after whom Charlottle Bronte took her nom-de-plume. Franks 7624.  £15

DAWSON, Charles E. See item 226

75 DAWSON, Susanna, Grosvenor Square. Lozenge armorial plate. A good copy. Franks 8208.  £5

76 DAWSON, Thomas. Chippendale Armorial plate, Dawson impaling Aspinall, 'Toujours Propice', faint ink blot in lower corner, otherwise well preserved. Franks 8211 or 12.  £4

77 DAY, Robt. FSA, MRIA Cork, 1889. Sepia-printed Pictorial in the style of Thomas Stothard with seated cherub supporting tilted oval panel within arborial border. A very good copy. Not in Franks.  £6

78 DE VISME, Maison, &c. &c. &c. Large Mantle Trophy plate, 'Ponthieu au Comte Souverain.' 100 x 80mm.; some thinning & minor marginal surface damage, well clear of image, but a good copy of this handsome plate. Franks 8560.  £10

79 DICKINSON, Barnard Esq. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial by 'Lockington sc. Shug Lane'; slightly dust-soiled but a nice example of this handsome plate. Franks 8631.  £5

80 DILKE, C.W. Chippendale Armorial; well preserved with good margins. Franks 8676.  £5

DOMAIRE, C.(?) See item 186

DOWNEY, Alfred J. See items 135 & 185

81 DRINKWATER, John. Gold-blocked black leather book label; 'Ex Libris John Drinkwater'. Crouching female nude reading book in left hand with actor's mask in right. 32 x 25mm. a fine copy of this attractive leather label.  £25

82 [DRURY, Sir Thomas] Small Jacobean Armorial, 50 x 45mm, 'Non Sine Causa'; light browning but well preserved. Franks 9154.  £5

83 DUNCOMBE, Pauncefort, of Brickhill Manor, Bucks. Eared Shield Armorial, 'Non Fecimus Ipsi'. Slightly soiled but a good copy. Not in Franks.  £8

84 E z H Foliate initial Monogram with crest: Hercules with uprooted tree in right and chain in left hand. 45 x 35mm., a nice clean copy. Not in Franks.  £8

86 EDWARDS, Bryan Esq. [of] Greenwich Park, Jamaica. Chippendale Armorial plate, 'Nosce Te Ipsum.' by Ashby of Russel Court, London; well preserved with good (though browned) margins. Franks 9596. '...the Chippendale style at its best, entirely free from the heaviness which mars so many examples.' BNL, British Bookplates 69.  £18

87 ELIOT, Th. S. SEVERIN, Mark. Erotic Pictorial, wood-engraved by Mark Severin, lettered 'TH. S. ELIOT' either side of full frontal somewhat hisute nude with arms raised. 92 x 75mm; a very good copy of this striking image, completed by Severin in 1945 when he returned to England after the war. Probably not a commission from the poet: 'I believe it to be one of those erotic plates which he cut without a collector immediately in mind - and having portrayed this particular (naked) woman, who better to advertise his abilities than Eliot?' Chambers, PL Spring, 1993. Rousseau 82.  £180

88 ELIOT, Wm. Granville Esqr. Crest in a Garter. A very good copy with large margins of this handsome elephant's head crest plate. Franks 9707.  £8

89 ESTCOURT, Ts. HENSHAW, William. Chippendale Armorial by W[illiam] H[enshaw]. Light browning but well preserved. Franks 9966.  £15

EVE, George W. See items 109 & 266

90 EYRE, Philip. GREEN, B. Chippendale Armorial; 'Philip Eyre'. 'B. Green f[ecit]' 60 x 65mm., slightly dust-soiled but a good copy. Not in Franks.  £8

91 [FENWYKE] Eared Shield Armorial plate, 'A Fenwyke! A Fenwyke!', the battle cry of the Fenwyke clan. Franks lists several anonymous Fenwick plates without giving this motto.  £4

92 FERGUSON, JOHN F. Wreath & Ribbon Spade Armorial, 'Dulcius ex Asperis'. A very good copy on india paper. Franks 10386.  £8

93 [FERRERS, Proby J.] Spade Shield Armorial, 'Nulla Retrorsum'; a little cockled, just cropped at foot, otherwise well preserved. Not in Franks.  £3

94 FIELD, John Ventris of the Middle Temple Esqr. STEPHENS, William. Chippendale Armorial plate, 'Sapienta Donum Dei', by William Stephens. Several marginal tears just invade plate but clear of engraving.  £6

95 FINCHAM, W.A. WILLIAMS, John. Pictorial Library Interior Armorial; 'Un bon livre est un bon ami', 'Ex Libris W.A. Fincham'. 'John Williams 1908'. 90 x 65mm.; a nice copy of this pen & ink Arts & Crafts design of [Fincham's?] library interior with folio labelled 'Islington Clerkenwell' in right lower corner. Franks 10524 is an 1894 version.  £10

96 FINLAY, K. Armorial, 'I'll be Wary'. A good copy. Franks 10531.  £3

98 FORBES, Sir William. Spade Shield Armorial with Supporters; 'Nec Timide Nec Temere', 'Sir William Forbes Bart. of Pitsligo.' 120 x 80mm., lightly soiled but a sound copy of this handsome large plate. Franks 10939.  £8

99 FORD, Lionel George Bridges Justice. FORD, Henry Justice. Large Pictorial; 'Ex Libris Lionel George Bridges Justice Ford'; Intricate pen & ink drawing of armed knight with raised sword stepping from river with accompanying lion & blind-folded Angel of Justice bearing scales; signed HJF. 120 x 75mm.; slight dust-soiling but well preserved; faint ms inscription at foot: 'Presented... to Repton School Library' - alma mater of the artist and presumably the subject (his brother?). A typical Henry Ford design for those familiar with his classic series of illustrations for Andrew Lang's Fairy books. 'The black and white work owes something to Walter Crane and a great deal to Moxon's Tennyson...' Simon Houfe.  £25

100 FORTIA, M. le Marquis de. French Armorial with lion supporters, 'Turris Fortissima Virtus'. Slight dust-soiling but a nice copy with good margins.  £8

101 FRAGGIANNI, Nicolai, Marchioni et A Supremi Neapoli Et Siciliae Consiliis. Armorial in frame of two-headed eagle, talons holding scroll at foot. 'Grada fe[cit]' Lightly dust-soiled, cut close with minor worm loss affecting corner & right edge of design but still an impressive plate.  £8

102 [FREDERICK, Sir Charles] HAINES, G. & TOMS, W.H. Chippendale Armorial Trophy. 'G. Haines Delin W.H. Toms Sculp. 1752' 140 x 100mm.; a very good large (proof?) copy of this splendid plate for the Surveyor General of the Ordnance. Franks 11308.  £30

103 FREI, Maria, Frau Von Werthern-Beborn. Erfn-Wedel. W.P. Circular acolée plate; two shields crowned within lettered border. [by] WP 1927. 60mm diameter circular plate; trimmed close but well preserved.  £8

104 FRENCH (?) ARMORIAL. Chippendale Shield supported by man in armour with standard (single star on horizontal rules), lion at foot, 'Honor Felicem Stellam Efficit'; 'Grave par Veister'. A very good copy of this attractive plate.  £8

105 FRENCH Armorial. Crowned oval shield with three fleur-de-lys within elaborate leaf & scroll border. 60 x 60mm; a very good copy with large margins of this anonymous circular design.  £5

FRIEND, G.T. See item 187

GERE, Charles March. See item 184

106 GIBBINGS, Robert. Universal Pictorial wood-engraved Ex Libris. Designed for The Book Society by Robert Gibbings. Motto: "The Rains Came" printed beneath, presumably for the owner whose signature at foot might be that of Louis Bromfield, the conservationist & author of the novel of that name. 140 x 95mm., owner's ms. signatures in central scroll space & at foot; minor wear at corner, well clear of design, otherwise well preserved. One of a handful of bookplate designs by the prolific wood-engraver whose Golden Cockerel Press invited commissions for Ex Libris (vide. Prospectus, Season 1932) but seems to have produced few. BNL, British Bookplates 195.  £15

107 GILBERT, Davies of Tredrea, Cornwall, & East Bourn, Sussex. Armorial, 'Mallem Mori Quam Mutare'. 'Teg Yw Hedwch'. A very good copy of this handsome plate. Franks 11895.  £4

108 GLADSTONE, Dorothy Mary. [née Paget] D.P. A.P[aget?] Woodcut Pictorial, 'Ex Libris Dorothy Mary Gladstone 1901'. 'Never Withering Banks of Flowers'. Garden path leading to classical portico with lettering border. Signed 'DP' and 'AP'. A very good copy of this attractive Arts & Crafts design, dated the year of Dorothy Paget's marriage to the politician Herbert John Gladstone (youngest son of the great Victorian PM) so perhaps a wedding gift from a Paget relative.  £20

items108,127,182,209 Items 108, 127, 182 & 209

109 GLAISHER, J.W.L. EVE, George W. Modern Jacobean Armorial; 'J.W.L. Glaisher Sc.D. Coll. SS.Trin. Cant. Soc. E Libris'. 'G.W.Eve f[ecit]. 90 x 70mm., a very nice copy of this intricate armorial, printed in sepia.  £8

110 GORDON of Buthlaw. Chippendale Armorial; 'In Recto Desus'; well preserved with good margins. Franks 12225.  £5

111 GORDON, Henry W. Jacobean Armorial; Gordon impaling Enderby, 'Semper Fidelis'. A good copy of this handsome plate. Franks 12267.  £3

112 GORDON, Jam[e]s. Esq. Chippendale Armorial; 'Non Fraude sed Laude'; well preserved with good margins; 'J. Gretton fecit.' Not in Franks.  £8

GREEN, B. See item 90

113 GREENE, Carleton. Pictorial plate of Trinity College, Cambridge, within text & armorial border 'Olim huius Collegii scholaris', by 'E.A.G. 1893'; landscape 100 x 70mm. Franks 12684.  £6

114 GREENWAY, Randolph of Thavies Inn, London and of Chertsey in Surry [.] Gent. 18thC Chippendale Armorial plate [1735]; some surface abrasion and just cropped on left hand side, but still a handsome plate. Franks 12719.  £4

115 GRIME, Willm. B. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial, the Arms and crest of Brereton, 'Studiis literis res secundae ornantur, adversae adjuvantur'; lightly dust-soiled, side margins cut close, otherwise well preserved. Franks 12928.  £5

116 GRIMSHAW, Jno. Chippendale Armorial; 60 x 50mm, rough trimmed & cropped but an attractive design of dragon rampant with bullrush & roses adorning the Chippendale border. Franks 12930.  £4

117 GROSE, T.H. MA Oxon. 1893. Monogram Pictorial incorporating Grose's college, publications, tennis racket & mortar-board, by Charles William Sherborn, 'Nutrices Tuae Reginae Erunt'; slight dust-soiling but well preserved. Not in Franks.  £6

118 GROSVENOR] Hugh [Lupus] Duke of Westminster, Eaton, 1884. SHERBORN, C.W. Armorial, 'Virtus Non Stemma', 'C.W. Sherborn fecit'. 120 x 85mm; a very good copy with large margins of this classic Sherborn design. Franks 12961.  £10

119 GROTE, George. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial in belt; lightly dust-soiled, head & tail margins cut close, otherwise well preserved. Franks 12978.  £5

120 GUTTMANN, Agnes. Etched Pictorial; 'Ex Libris Agnes Guttmann', monogram signed 'LM'(?) in bottom left corner; standing woman in long dress & short cloak with Japanese sun-shade resting on right shoulder and book in left hand; printed in grey. 105 x 75mm.; a very good copy of this attractive early 20thC American (?) plate.  £15

121 HAILSTONE, Edward. Seal Armorial stamped in gold on blue morocco. 72mm diameter circular label; a very good copy of this heavily gilded leather ex libris. Franks describes the Hailstone Seal Crest plate on black & blue leather, but lists this grander design on black morocco only. Franks 13228.  £20

HAINES, G. See item 102

HALEY, Henry J. See item 56

122 HAMILTON. Small Crest plate, (tree with cross-saw, crown at foot, ribbon at head with motto) 'Through'; 55 x 36mm, a little cockled & cut close but sound. Not located in Franks.  £4

123 HARTRICK, Revd. Edwd. J. Jacobean Armorial, 'Et Spe et Auspice Christo'. A good copy of this handsome plate. Not in Franks.  £4

124 HARVARD College Library. DOWNEY, Alfred J. Monumental Armorial, 'Insignia Academiae Harvardianae Cantab: Nov: Angliae.' 'Veritas'. The Gift of Mary Bryant Branegee in Memory of William Fletcher Weld. Harvard College Library'. Signed at foot in pencil: 'Alf. J. Downey 1910'. 85 x 55mm; slight spotting but a good copy with large margins, signed by the artist.  £15

125 HEADLAM, John MA, Archdeacon of Richmond. Pictorial Armorial, 'Intellectu et Innocentia'. 70 x 65mm., a very good copy of this attractive plate with central canted shield within Bewickian tree & foliage with gothic tower in background. Franks 14313.  £10

126 HEATHCOTE, Baronet of Hursley. Seal Armorial; 'Deus Prosperat Justos', 'Heathcote of Hursley Baronet.' 62mm. diameter; close-trimmed but a good copy of this attractive circular armorial. Franks 14356.  £8

HENSHAW, William. See items 8 & 167

127 HEYWOOD, Mary Monica. SUMNER, Heywood. Woodcut Pictorial, 'Ex Libris Mary Monica Heywood'. by H[eywood] S[umner]. 105 x 35mm a very good copy of this attractive Arts & Crafts design of elongated trees with lily, heart & arms in lozenge; presumably executed by the artist for a family member, his mother being Mary Elizabeth Sumner (née Heywood). See illustration at Item 108.  £20

128 [HIGGENBOTHAM?] Double Crest plate, lion's head & dove with ribbon above, 'Aut Vincere aut Mori'. 40 x 75mm., ms. shelf-number '1429'; a nice copy.  £4

129 HIGGINS, W. Francis. Crest plate, 'Nihil Quod Obstat Virtuti'; slightly dust-soiled but well preserved. Not in Franks.  £3

HIRSCH. See item 225.

130 HISTORICAL SOCIETY of the Reformed Church In The United States. Lancaster. Penn, 1881. Armorial; Three Shields & Crest on Helm, 'Arms of Frederick III Elector of the Palatinate, 1563'. A nice copy with good margins.  £6

131 HOCKIN. Spade Shield Armorial; 'Hoc In Loco Deus Rupes', 'Hockin'. 100 x 55mm., a little cockled but a good copy of this etched armorial. Not in Franks.  £4

132 HOLLAND, P. Bolton. Chippendale framed engraved label. 55 x 70mm., light dust-soiling but a good copy. Franks 15086.  £4

133 HOLMES, Jasper.. Eared Shield Armorial, 'Quaecunque sunt Vera'. Well preserved. Franks 15150.  £4

134 HOWARD, Hon. Richard. Festoon Armorial; 'Virtus Mille Scuta', 'Honble. Richard Howard'. Lightly dust-soiled but a good copy of this striking design. Franks 15535.  £5

135 HUBBARD, George. DOWNEY, Alfred J. Festoon Armorial; 'Sine Lumine Nihil', 'George Hubbard' 'AJD Sculp.1916' 100 x 80mm., slightly dust-soiled but a nice copy.  £10

HUGHES. See item 23.

136 HUMBERT, Charles F. Seal Monogram plate. 'Chas. F. Humbert. Little Pascot, Watford, Herefordshire.' A very good copy. Franks 15691.  £8

137 HUME, Sir Abraham Bart. Spade Shield Armorial, 'True to the End'; lightly dust-soiled, but well preserved. Franks 15698.  £5

138 HUNT, Wm., Lincoln's Inn Spade Shield Armorial; lightly dust-soiled, but a good large copy. Franks 15746.  £5

139 IMHOF de SPIELBERG, Jos. Ant. Armorial within monumental border; Coll: Ecc: S:Petri Praep:: et S: Maurit: Dec: A:V: printed in sepia. neatly trimmed close; a very good copy of this handsome piece of engraving.  £8

140 INCORPORATED Association For Promoting The Christian Religion. Oval Seal 'Armorial', Bible in spade shield within ruled & lettered border; 'Search the Scriptures'; stamped in gold on tan leather, dated '1800'. 55 x 40mm., oval stamp; well preserved. Not in Franks.  £15

141 INGLIS, D.D. Esqr. Armorial plate, Inglis impaling Bridgman, 'Nisi Dominus Frustra'. Well preserved. Franks 16017.  £3

142 JEBB, Richard [MD] Festooned Spade Shield Armorial; a good large copy of the elegant plate of George III's physician. Franks 16336.  £5

144 JENKINS, Rich. Esq. Jacobean Armorial, 'Perge sed Caute', signed R[obert] W[hite]; a little faded with some surface wear but still a good example. Franks 16389.  £8

145 JENKINS, Richd. Esq., Salop. Chippendale pictorial-armorial plate with busy putti, 'Perge sed Caute'. Corners trimmed but a good example of this elaborate plate. Franks 16390.  £8

147 [JOHNSTON?] Armorial with double crest, ribbon below, 'Nunquam non Paratus'. A very good copy.  £4

148 JOSEPH[U]S, Fran[ci]s. Henr[icu]s. [Baron] de Raigersfeld. Jacobean Armorial; 'Frans. Henrs. Josephs. de Raigersfeld Sacae. Casae. Regiaeq[ue]. Cathae Maj[es]tis aulae Camerae actualis Consiliarius.' 'Non est mortale quod opto' Slight browning but a good large copy of this handsome Armorial with stork crest, motto in scroll above and name below. Not in Franks.  £12

149 KEARLEY, Hudson Ewbanke, 1st Viscount Devonport. Spade Shield Armorial; 'Fit Via Vi', ' Hudson Ewbanke Kearley'. 'ASG 1903'. 100 x 60mm., a fine copy of this striking design, signed 'ASG 1903'. A tea importer whose International Stores had 200 branches by 1890, Kearley became Liberal MP for Devonport. His elevation to the peerage in 1910 provoked Hilaire Belloc to savage epigam: 'The grocer Hudson Kearley, he / When purchasing his barony / Considered first, we understand, / The title of Lord Sugarsand, / Or then again he might have been / Lord Underweight of Margarine: / But being of the nobler sort / He took the title Devonport.  £15

150 [KELHAM, Augustus] Crest plate, double-headed eagle with ribbon below, 'Beneficiorum Memor', 35 x 50mm., name cut from bottom margin, otherwise well preserved. Franks 16878.  £4

KERBY & Co. See item 219.

151 [KILDERBEE Samuel] with [KILDERBEE & HORSEY] Eared Shield Armorials, 'Providentia Divina Repono'. Two plates, the latter with marginal damage. Franks 17139 & 40.  £6

152 KING, Richd. Wreath and ribbon Armorial, 'Spes Tutissima Caelis'. Light browning across one corner, well clear of plate. Franks 17182.  £4

153 LALLEMANT de Betz. (1693-1773) Armorial, 'Ex Libris Lallemant de Betz'. Top left corner chipped, otherwise a nice example.  £8

154 [LAMBTON, Baron Durham] Shield-shaped Coloured Lithograph Armorial; LAMBTON Collieries Ltd. 'Le Jour Viendra'. 95 x 80mm., trimmed to shield shape; a well preserved copy. The Arms of the Earl of Durham with 'The Lambton Collieries Ltd.' as heading. 'Perhaps from a Coal Ticket'. Franks 17490.  £15

155 LAWSON, Joannis. Printed Book Label; 'E Bibliotheca Johannis Lawson. Med. Doctoris Colleg. Sionensi Legata MDCCV. Pencilled shelf mark E+ 81.3 Sn1. 50 x 70mm., (printed area max.); well preserved with large margins. Franks 17785. BNL, EPBL 252.  £18

156 LEE, Brian North. Thirteen bookplates designed for Brian North Lee by many of the leading contemporary artists, including: Simon Brett, Ray Cooney, Martin Pitts & Margaret Tournour. 1968-2005 Thirteen bookplates of varying size, paper & colour, designed by: Ian Stephens (Corbie Crags); Mark Bury (red calligraphic); Margaret Tournour (tree); Simon Brett (reclining Ganymede); Jonathan Stephenson (typographic with royal border); J. Martin Pitts (Ghanaian boy walking in water); Ray Cooney (2) (quill & Peace); Stanley Reece (2) (heraldic arms & device); Cliff Wightwick (calligraphic); Two unidentified: '2003 Ex Libris', printed in several colours showing black man with cross, arms & wheatsheaf device (by Stanley Reece?); small calligraphic label 'B.N. Lee'.  £20

157 LEE, Frederick George. Spade Shield Armorial, 'Fide et Constantia'. Name printed in red; very good. Franks 17884?.  £4

159 LEVER, William Hesketh, 1st Viscount Leverhulme. Modern Jacobean Armorial with Elephant supporters, 'Baron Leverhulme of Bolton-Le-Moors', 'Mutare vel timere sperno' by G. Scruby 1917. 110 x 80mm; a very good copy of this splendid armorial created for the enlightened soap manufacturer when he was elevated to the peerage in 1917.  £8

160 LEWER, H.W. F.S.A. Pictorial; 'Ex-Libris', 'H.W. Lewer, F.S.A.''. 75 x 75mm., slight browning but a good copy of this attractive [1920s?] etching of Lewer's house in Laughton, Essex. His library sold at Hodgson's Room in 1949.  £8

161 LICHTENSTEIN, Richard C. Pictorial; three children at desk in library with globe; 'Ex Libris Richard C. Lichtenstein Boston Mass 1893'; signed [??] 'Moore eng'. 100 x 72mm.; a very good copy of the plate of the celebrated American bookplate collector and founder member of the Ex Libris Society.  £15

162 LIVIUS, George. Spade Shield Armorial, 'Confido'; a good large copy. Franks 18444.  £4

163 LLOYD, George. BILLINGE Chippendale Armorial; 'George Lloyd Esqr.' 'Billinge sculp.' 90 x 73mm.; slight browning but a well preserved copy of this mid-18thC. plate. Franks 18469.  £15

165 LONG, Samuel. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial; slightly dust-soiled but a good copy. Franks lists Jacobean and Wreath & Ribbon Armorials for Samuel Long, but not this design.  £4

166 LONG, William M.A. Eared Shield Armorial, 'Pieux Quoique Preux'. Lightly soiled with short marginal tears, but well clear of plate. Franks 18672.  £4

167 LOVETT, Jonathan Esq., Liscombe House, Bucks. HENSHAW, William. Pictorial Armorial; 'Spe'; Angel cradling canted shield, sepia-printed from stipple engraving by William Henshaw (nephew of Cambridge bookplate engraver William Stephens) in the style of Bartolozzi under whom he studied in 1773. 65 x 92mm; slightly dust-soiled, trimmed close, but generally well preserved. BNL, Bookplates of William Henshaw, 23.  £20

168 LUDFORD, John. Jacobean Armorial; some marginal surface damage but generally well preserved. Franks 18888.  £4

169 MADAN, Frederick. Crest plate, 'Fide et Fortitudine'; some thinning but a good copy. Not in Franks.  £3

170 MAGGS, William Adolphus. Pictorial; 'Perseverans'. 'Ex-Libris William Adolphus Maggs' 85 x 50mm., top corner torn away clear of printed area, otherwise a well preserved copy of the white line lino cut with central oak tree, motto around trunk.  £8

171 MAWSON, Ethel. CTHF(?) Etched Pictorial, 'Ex Libris Ethel Mawson'. 'Reading Maketh A Full Man'. Artist's monogram 'CTHF''(?) 90 x 120mm; oval design of two figures seated on mat: facing man with beard & turban reading book, his wife on right in profile, also with head covered.  £12

172 McCALMONT, Winifred. Pictorial; 'Nil Desperandum' 'Cowards die many times the brave only once.' 'Ex Libris Winifred Mc.Calmont' 'Inv. W.P.B. 1899' 95 x 65mm.; slight soiling but a nice copy of this intricate engraving incorporating horse, house & yacht within border of roses & books. 'Winifred McCalmont [1863-1943], the second daughter of Sir Henry de Batho 4 th bt., travelled round the world five times, which as an extremely rich woman she could well afford to do, and was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, an honour then afforded to almost no other woman.'  £15

173 M[EGOR] E[phraim] B Chippendale Cypher; 'E B M' in shield, 'C[orpus] C[hristi] C[ollege] C[ambridge] in scroll at foot; slightly soiled, just cropped at sides, blank bottom right corner torn away. Megor was a Fellow of Corpus in 1738. Carew Hazlitt, Roll of Honour, records a copy of the bookplate with MS date of 1741 Franks 21485.  £8

174 MERCHANT TAYLOR'S COMPANY. Jacobean Armorial ; 'Concordia Parvae Res Crescunt.' 'Societatis Mercatorum-Scissorum apud Londinates Insignia.' 130 x 90mm.; slight off-setting but a good large copy of this handsome plate of c1740. Franks 34223 or '24. Lee, London 102 refers.  £30

175 MICHELL, Thomas. Canted Shield Armorial, 'Vouloir c'est Pouvoir'. A nice copy of this attractive plate. Not in Franks.  £4

176 MILLES, Jeremiah, D.D. 18thC Chippendale Armorial plate, 'Utile Dulci'; slightly soiled but a good example of this unusual plate. Franks 20607.  £8

177 MILLS, Thomas. [of Saxham And Stutton] Festooned Spade Shield Armorial; slightly dust-soiled but a very good copy. Not in Blatchly. Franks 20656.  £5

178 MITFORD, Bertram Freeman-. SHERBORN, Charles W. Modern Jacobean Armorial; 'God Careth For Us', Bertram Freeman-Mitford. CB. 1886. 'CWS [monogram] 1886'. 100 x 70mm., a very good copy. Franks 20758.  £8

179 MOREHEAD, William. Wreath & Ribbon Armorial; 'Auxilio Dei', William Morehead Esqr.' 95 x 70mm., slightly browned but a good copy. Franks 21043.  £8

180 MORGAN, Geo. Esq. Spade Shield Armorial; slightly dust-soiled but a good copy. Franks 21063.  £4

181 MORGAN. Chippendale Lozenge Armorial Bookpile; a lady's plate but ownership unascertained, the Morgan arms (Or a griffin segreant sable) being fairly widely used. 70 x 90mm., slightly browned & cut close at right foot but a good example of the only lady's plate identified in BNL's Bookpile Bookplates (101 - rare).  £15

182 MURRAY, David. SOANE, Harry. Pictorial, 'DM E Libris David Murray', Handsome 'pounced style' late 19thC. design by Harry Soane for the Glaswegian lawyer, antiquary & bibliographer. A very good copy with large margins. Not in Franks. See illustration at Item 108.  £8

183 MURRAY, John. Chippendale Armorial (Murray impaling Milbanke); 'John Murray'. Lightly dust-soiled but a good copy. Franks 21420.  £5

MUSSETT, W. & A. See items 68, 69 & 253.

184 NEW, Edmund Hort. GERE, C.M. Late 19thC small Pictorial plate in Art Nouveau style, 'Ex Libris Edmundi Hort New.' Two children reading with text below: 'For wisdom is better than rubies...' Monogram signature of C.M. Gere, who, like New, had studied at the Birmingham School of Art and subsequently illustrated for William Morris's Kelmscott Press. 55 x 35mm. A very good copy. Not in Franks. Castle, English Book Plates, pp. 257; White, Modern Book-Plates & Their Designers, p.52.  £25

185 NEWTON, Sir Alfred J. Bart. Governor of the Honourable Irish Society. DOWNEY, Alfred J. Large Armorial, 'Faveat Fortuna'. 'A.J. Downey, 1907. Del. et Sculpt.' 135 x 90mm, a very good large copy of this fine copper-engraved design; Artist's Proof, signed in pencil at foot.  £15

186 NOBEL, Hirch. DOMAIRE, C. (?) Coloured Portrait Pictorial, 'Ex Libris Hirch [sic] Nobel'; 'Rien Dire et Laisser faire' by C. Domaire(?); female head with index finger to lips against circular blue ground with motto at base. 65 x 50mm., very good. Not located in Hamilton. See illustration at Item 51  £20

187 NORMAN, Willoughby. WHISTLER, Rex. Decorated Architectural Pictorial; 'Willoughby Norman' in rococo cartouche with rake beneath, border of garden flowers with classical ruined arch, temple, fountain & trees behind. 'Rex Whistler 1941.' Engraved by G.T. Friend 'at [his] very best.' [with] subject's autograph signature dated May 1933 on separate slip. 100 x 75mm (125 x 100 with extra double-ruled borders); a fine copy of one of Whistler's finest plates. Lee, Whistler 16, records Norman's commission of the plate when he befriended the artist in the early days of the war, but fails to note that he was grandson to Whistler's friends Christabel & Henry McLaren, later Lord & Lady Aberconway, (Lee 8), whose daughter Priscilla was Sir Henry Norman's second wife and Willoughby Norman's mother.  £25

188 NORTH, The Hon'ble. Frederic. Eared Shield Armorial, 'La Vertu Est La Seule Noblesse'. Trimmed close at head & tail but a good copy. Franks 22027 or 28.  £4

189 NUGENT, Admiral. Dragon Crest. Very good with large margins. Franks 22082/3/4.  £8

190 NUGENT, George. Small Festooned Shield Armorial, 'Decrevi'; 42 x 32mm. slightly browned but a good copy. Franks 22088.  £4

OBERKAMPF. See item 25.

191 OSBORN, William Esq. Spade Shield Armorial Trophy, 'Quantum est in Rebus Inane'; slightly browned but a good large copy of this splendid plate. Franks 22433.  £8

OSMOND, Robert. See item 62.

192 OUGHTON, Lieut. Genl. Spade Shield Armorial Trophy, 'Nescit Abolere Vetustas'; slightly browned but a good large copy of this splendid plate. Franks 22433.  £8

PAGET(?) See item 108.

193 [PALK, Bart.] Eared Shield Armorial, 'Deo Ducente'. 'Ezekiel Sculpt.' A good copy. Franks 22604.  £6

194 [PALK, Bart.] Eared Shield Armorial, 'Deo Ducente'. A very good copy with large margins. Franks 22605, 'A different plate' from the Ezekiel design, F. 22604.  £6

195 PAUL, Sam Woodfield: Lincoln's Inn. Eared Shield Armorial, 'Veritas Praevalebit'. minor thinning & a little creased but generally well preserved.. Franks 22932.  £4

196 PEAT, Roderick M. Pictorial, c.1910; 'Ex. Libris. Roderick M. Peat.' Owner (?) sits swami-like with open book & coiled snake, flanked by wolves with more snakes forming lateral borders. Printed in sepia, faint browning but well preserved. Not in Franks.  £10

197 PENFOLD, Miles Poole. Chippendale armorial; 'Health and Independence'; slightly soiled and cut close at head, but a nice specimen. Franks 23186.  £6

PERKINS & HEATON. See item 220.

198 PLYMOUTH Free Public Library. Armorial in Garter, 'Turris Fortissima est Nomen Jehovae'. 'Presented by, Class & Progressive Number' spaces; this copy unused and well preserved. A nice copy with good margins. Franks 33951.  £4

199 POLHILL, Frederick. Rococo Shield Armorial; a very good copy. Franks 23768.  £4

200 PORTLAND, William Arthur [Cavendish-Bentinck] Sixth Duke K.G. W.P.B. Large Armorial, 'Craignez Honte'. 'Inv. W.P.B. 1900'. 115 x 85mm, a good copy of this handsome WPB plate.  £8

201 PREMIUM. The Association Incorporated for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Knowledge & Practice of the Christian Religion. 'Righteousness Exalteth A Nation'. 'Ajudged this Premium to Carew Henry H. Smyth... Saint Mark's Church...340 [th] June 1828. The Revd. Henry Brownrigg Examr.' 125 x 70mm., trimmed close but a very good copy of this handsome pictorial premium plate which incoporates circular vignette of three (avenging?) angels armed with cross, spear, horn & mirror (?) Franks 33690.  £22

202 [PRICE] Eared shield armorial, 'Na fynno Duw ni fydd', [What God wishes not will not be]. A good example of this Welsh plate with the Price family motto. Not in Franks.  £4

203 PYM, Catherine. Garlanded Cypher; 'CP', c1800. small hole clear of monogram, just clipping engraved surface, otherwise well preserved. Not in Franks.  £5

204 PYM, Francis Esq. Spade Shield Armorial, (Pym quartering Kingsley and Roberts?); a good large copy. Franks 24364.  £4

205 PYM, Horace Noble. Seal Armorial; 'Fortis Est Veritas.' Trimmed close but a good copy of this attractive plate in the style of Orlando Jewitt. Printed on blue paper.  £10

206 PYM, William Esq. Jacobean Armorial plate; some light browning but a good example of this handsome bookplate. Franks 24370.  £8

207 [PYOTT] BRAMSTON, Edward. Chippendale Pictorial Armorial; 'Pietatis Amator'. 'Ed. Bramston Sculp.' Central shield with ships & temples behind, globe & music at foot. 70 x 90mm., spot of unobtrusive thinning with slight loss but generally a well preserved copy of this fine 18thC plate. Franks 24375.  £25

208 PYTTS, Jonathan, Esqr. Large Chippendale Pictorial Armorial; 'Jonathan Pytts, Esqr.' in panel at foot with cherub reading book to left. 110 x 85mm., light browning & faint crease across corner at foot but a good large copy of this fine plate. Franks 24380.  £15

209 RALEIGH, Walter. BELL, Robert Anning. Pictorial plate, 'Ex Libris Walter Raleigh', by 'R[obert] A[nning] Bell XXXVIII 96'. 'C.H[are?] Sc.' A very nice copy of this attractive fin-de-siécle design for the '90s critic & essayist. Not in Franks. See illustration at Item 108.  £8

210 [RAPER] Jacobean Armorial; 'Tute Recte Vixeris'. 110 x 77mm.; close trimmed with small nick at head, otherwise a well preserved copy of this engraved tour-de-force. Franks 24561.  £15

211 RICHARDSON, Herbert Henley. Chippendale Armorial, 'Fac et Spera', slightly soiled but a good copy. Not in Franks.  £4

212 RIQUER, Alexandre de. Pictorial; 'Ex Libris A' de Riquer'; [signed] 'AdeR'. Attractive Art Nouveau design: woman with raised hands, a retort heating in foreground with border of elongated pinks & iris. 72 x 43mm.; a well preserved example on lightly browned paper of the larger version (with side borders) of the plate designed for his own use by the celebrated father of Ex Libris design in Catalonia. 'Riquer not only introduced the art of the bookplate into Catalonia, but also was the first to promote it through publications such as Luz (1898) and Joventut (1900)... and the first Catalan artist to publish a book of bookplates (1903) that catalogued his work up to that point. The prestigious Art Nouveau artist Miquel Utrillo wrote the preface.' Gaudi & Art Nouveau in Catalonia. See illustration at Item 51.  £35

213 ROE. Eared Shield Armorial, a nice copy of this simple yet elegant plate. Franks 25376.  £3

214 ROSE, Sir Philip, 1st Baronet. Modern Armorial; 'The Arms Borne by Sir Philip Rose of Rayners, Co. Bucks. Bt.' 'Probitate ac virtute.' 115 x 80mm.; a very good copy of this woodcut Arts & Crafts armorial. Rose helped to found the Brompton Hospital and was the first recognised agent for the Conservative Party (in 1854), characterised 'Lord Beaconsfield's Friend' by Spy in swde5rt1881. Not in Franks who lists a Philip Rose (F 25513) but not Sir Philip Bt.  £15

215 ROTTON, John. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial (Rotton with Evans on an escutcheon); slight dust-soiling but a good large copy. Franks 25572.  £4

216 ROYAL PLATE. FITZ-CLARENCE, Augusti de. Seal Armorial, 'Sigillum domini augusti de fitz clarence', 'nec timere, nec timide'. 95 x 70mm., A very good copy with large margins of this handsome armorial. Franks 10611; North, British Royal Bookplates, 192.  £25

220 ROYAL PLATE. [SUSSEX, Duke of] PERKINS & HEATH. Armorial by 'Perkins and Heath. - Patent Hardened Steel Plate.' Ms. shelf mark in designated place at foot of design; light browning but generally well preserved. Franks 33204; BNL, British Royal Book Plates 23c.  £8

221 [RUSSELL] Seal Armorial; Arma Ducis de Bedford, 'Che Sara Sara', Trimmed close but a nice copy of this attractive mid 19thC. circular plate. Franks 25708.  £8

222 [RUSSELL] Francis Duke Of Bedford, Oakley House. Jacobean Armorial plate, 'Che Sara Sara'; a good copy. Franks 25704.  £5

223 SANDBERG, Francis. Armorial plate, 'Serva Fidem'; 1908 with original engraved copper plate in wrapper dated 11/2/[19]08. Franks 22433.  £35

224 SANDBERG, Francis. Armorial plate, 'Serva Fidem'; 1908 A very good copy. Franks 22433.  £3

225 SCHUCK, Leonis. Psyches Iantreion [Psychiatrist - Greek Letter] HIRSCH. Pictorial plate printed in red, signed 'Hirsch inv.' Open book with text in Latin & French, ladies supporting scroll above, cherubs reading below. A very good copy of this attractive plate.  £5

226 SCOTT, Florence. DAWSON, Charles E. Pictorial Portrait; 'Ex Libris Florence Scott' by 'Charles E. Dawson'. 125 x 60mm. slightly crumpled but a well preserved copy of this attractive Art Nouveau design; printed in gold.  £15

227 SELWYN, William, St. John's, Cambridge. Spade Shield 'Praemium quod testamento legavit anno 1815 Johannes Wright Collegii olim Alumnus Juveni ingenuo... in Coll.Div. Johan. Cantab...' Signed 'Gul: Selwyn anno 1826'. 140 x 80mm., slightly browned & creased but generally well preserved. After Eton, Selwyn entered St John's in October, 1824, and won a succession of prizes over the next three years including all the Browne medals in 1826 when he was Craven Scholar. He graduated in 1828 as sixth wrangler, becoming a fellow the following March. Not in Franks.  £20

SHERBORN, Charles William. See items 4, 5, 36, 58 & 118.

228 SHIRREFF, William Henry. Crest within garter, 'Auxilium Meum Ab Alto'; a good copy. Not in Franks.  £3

229 SMART, N. Groombridge, M.A. Double Crest plate, 'Virtus Prae Nummis'; some thinning & light dust soiling but sound. Not in Franks.  £3

230 SMART, Wm. Lynn. Small Crest plate, 'Virtus Prae Nummis'; 35 x 35mm, light staining but sound. Franks 27159.  £3

232 SMYTH, Lii. Small Crest plate; 40 x 40mm, some light foxing but a good copy with large margins. Franks 27482.  £4

SOANE, Harry. See item 181

233 SOUTHCOTE, Philip Esqr. Early Jacobean Armorial, lightly soiled and frayed at edges with some thinning; ms 'N2' in head margin. ' Franks 27621.  £3

234 SOUTHCOTE, Philip Esqr. Jacobean Armorial plate; lightly soiled with significant but marginal loss, clear of engraved surface. Franks 27621.  £3

235 SPENCER, Earl Armorial plate, Spencer with Poyntz, quartering Browne, on an escutcheon, 'Dieu Depend Le Droit'; trimmed close and lightly soiled. ' Franks 27700.  £4

236 SPURGEON, J.G. Small Spade Shield Armorial; 50 x 40mm., well preserved. Franks 27775.  £4

237 SPURGEON, Richard. Pictorial Spade Shield Armorial; light browning but well preserved. Franks 27779.  £4

238 SQUIRE, Charles Lynn A.M. SWAFFHAM Jacobean Armorial; 'Arma Gero'. Trimmed close, but a good copy of this 'Swaffham Jacobean' design. Squire was Master of Lynn School from 1730-38. Blatchly, Suffolk & Norfolk Ex Libris p.50; Franks 27791.  £8

239 [STANHOPE, Earl of Chesterfield, of] Bradby Hall. Armorial Shield in a Garter, crowned. Bradby-Hall. 80 x 42mm., a nice copy. Franks 27863.  £10

240 STANLEY, Charles. Book Label; 'Books alone can never teach the use of books.' 'By reading we enrich the mind; by conversation we polish it.' [Chinese proverb] 60 x 90mm.; slightly soiled but a well preserved mid-19thC label, printed on pink paper with fleuron border. Not in Franks.  £5

STEPHENS, William. See item 94

241 STEVENS, John Esq. Chippendale armorial; slightly soiled and cut close to plate mark, but sound. Franks 28093.  £6

242 STEVENS, Richard. Festooned small oval Armorial; 65 x 50mm, fairly close trimmed, light browning but well preserved. Not in Franks.  £5

243 STEWART, Robert Esq. Chippendale armorial; 'Spero Melior'; slightly soiled & marked but with good margins. Franks 28173.  £5

244 STONE, Janet. STONE, Reynolds. Wood-engraved Pictorial; 'JS' on lute which leans against willow(?) tree, perhaps a punning reference to his wife's maiden name 'Woods'. 42 x 30mm., a fine copy of this early work engraved for his wife in 1938, the year of their marriage. Printed on card and here used as notelet by Janet Stone who has inscribed the verso: 'My lute (P.T.O) & love, & THANKS Christmas 1972. (STUNNED by scrutiny of THE case of wine) George & Doraine' [Tee]. Chambers p.171.  £45

245 STRANG, E.S.H. Monogram plate; 'Dulce Quod Utile'; 'E.S.H. Strang.' Etched design with central shield bearing monogram, grapes above with leaf surround & cross-hatched border. 110 x 80mm.; close-trimmed but a good copy; printed on faintly pink paper. Perhaps an early work by his namesake and fellow-Scot, William, though lacking any hint of the grotesque or macabre which characterised his later work.  £15

246 STUART, Charles Pole. Small Crest plate, 'Nobilis Ira'; 45 x 35mm, a good copy with large margins. Franks 28467.  £3

247 [STUART] ALDENHAM Abbey. Small Pictorial plate; 25 x 65mm., a little cockled but a good copy. Franks 28457/8.  £3

Item 247 Item 247 - Aldenham Abbey

SUMNER, Heywood. See item 127

248 SYMMONS, John Esq. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial (Symmons, quartering Bowen, Bowen? and Hullen, with Barlow on an escutcheon); light browning, fairly close-trimmed but a well preserved copy of this delicate design. Franks 28732.  £5

249 SYNNOT, Sir Walter. Chippendale armorial; printed in sepia, 'Sine Macula'; slightly soiled & creased. Franks 28776.  £6

250 TAYLOR, Barbara. Calligraphic label; 'Come, eat of my bread and drink the wine which I have mingled.' [Proverbs 9.5] 'Ex libris Barbara Taylor.' 45 x 85mm; a fine copy of this simple calligraphic label.  £8

251 TAYLOR, Philip. Pictorial plate, two facing trees with ribbon motto in lower half, windmill & house in background; 'Scientia Beati Sumus'. A very good copy. Franks 29012.  £8

252 TCW Floriated Monogram Book Label, 'TCW''. Margins cut close, otherwise well preserved. Not in Franks.  £2

253 THOMPSON, Walter Stuart. MUSSETT, W. & A. Pictorial Seal; 'E. Libris Gualteri Stuarti Thompson'. 'W. & A. Mussett Sc. Lincolns Inn 1909. Central vignette of Peterborough Cathedral within stonemason's trowel, mallet & compass. 80mm. diameter, a very good copy of this striking design. Thompson's firm of Ecclesiastical Builders carried out major restoration work on Peterborough Cathedral in the 1880s. Not in Franks. Lee, Mussett 412.  £15

254 THORNTON, Samuel. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial (1799 watermark); light browning but well preserved. Franks 29385/6.  £5

255 THURSBY, Geo. Aug. AM, FRS, LS, HS. Armorial plate, 'In Silentio Fortitudo.' Slightly soiled but a good copy of this elegant plate. ' Franks 29443.  £5

TOMS, W.H. See item 102

256 TOWNELEY, JOANNIS. Chippendale Armorial, 'Ex Libris Bibliothecae Domesticae Joannis Towneley de Towneley In Agro Lancastrensi Armigeri. Side margin cut down, otherwise well preserved. Franks 29650.  £8

257 TOWNELEY, John Esq. Chippendale armorial plate, 'Tenes Le Vraye'; slightly soiled & rubbed but a good example of the bookplate of the translator of Hudibras into French. Franks 29652.  £5

258 TRINITY COLLEGE, Dublin. Armorial Premium plate awarded to Thomas Stewart, Michaelmas Term, 1768. Trimmed close & lightly dust-soiled but a good copy of this handsome Jacobean Armorial with engraved text above & below, enclosed within stylised floral border. BNL, Premium, pg.11 right.  £15

259 TRUSTED, Alice Marion. Large Pictorial still life of books, music and various instruments. Ex Libris Alice Marion Trusted. 'Tale tuum carmen nobis divine poeta / Quale sopor fessis in gramine.' [Virgil, Eclogues] 95 x 130mm., brown strip across head margin, otherwise a good large copy of this splendid engraving. The Alice Marion Trusted papers (1884-1944) in the National Archive, include correspondence with 'Michael Field' (Katharine Harris Bradley and Edith Emma Cooper).  £15

260 TYRWHITT, Thos. Drake Festooned Spade Shield Armorial; slightly browned but well preserved. Franks 30177.  £5

261 UDAL, William. Eared Shield Armorial, 'Fidelé Jusqu'a La Fin' Slightly soiled but a good copy. Franks 30147.  £4

262 UNITED University Club Library. 1822. SHERBORN, C.W. Armorial, 'Dominus Illumina Tio Mea', 'C.W. S[herborn] fecit 1906'. 105 x 80mm; a very good copy.  £10

263 VAN SWINDEN, Philip. DARLING. Spade Shield Armorial with urn, by 'Darling f[eci]t. Gt. Newport St.'; marginal ms. inscription 'May 18' in top right corner, slightly browned but well preserved. Franks 30241.  £8

264 VERNEY, John Peyto, Ld. Willoughby De Broke. Jacobean Armorial plate; well preserved on contemporary panelled calf board, c1762. Franks 30324.  £8

265 VILLIERS, Victor Albert George Child, Earl of Jersey. Osterley Park. Rectangular-framed Armorial, 'Fidei Coticula Crux'; a very good copy with large margins. Franks 30399.  £5

266 VINER, Gerorge H. EVE, G.W. Modern Jacobean Armorial; 'VI NER VISQUE' at head, 'George H. Viner' at foot. by G[eorge] W. E[ve] 1905. A very good copy of this handsome etched armorial for one of the great bookplate collector/historians by this accomplished bookplate designer, 'considered second only to Sherborn'. Lee, British Bookplates 140.  £20

267 W H [?] Pictorial Shield above Cypher Garter; 'Exspectemus', shield enclosing medieval fortified town/gate with two figures & standard above battlement; light dust-soiling but a good large copy of this attractive plate. Not found in Franks.  £5

268 WAKE, Edward. Small Jacobean Armorial plate, 65 x 52mm, 'Vigila et Ora'; lightly soiled and cut fairly close but well preserved. Franks 30507.  £4

269 WALFORD, Cornelius, FSS. Spade Shield Armorial, 'Fortis et Stabilis', by 'Henry Soane, Sc. London'; a very good copy. Franks 30564.  £5

270 WALWYN, James Esqr. [of] Longworth Herefordshire. Spade Shield Armorial, 'Non Deficit Alter. Drwy Rynwedd Gwaed'. 130 x 85mm, trimmed close at head but a nice copy of this handsome heraldic plate. Franks 30812.  £10

271 [WARD] Armorial Cypher plate, 'Garde La Croix', slightly browned with a few marginal chips, well clear of plate. Not in Franks.  £4

272 WARE, S. Hibbert. Eared Shield Armorial, 'Sola Salus Servire Deo', engraved name at foot partially obscured by faint ink rules, otherwise well preserved. Franks 30991.  £4

273 WARRE, Annesley T. MACFALL, C. Haldane. Large Pictorial lithograph of knight in armour; 'Je trouve bien' at head; 'Annesley. T. Warre his Booke. "Borrowing is the Scissors of Friendship".' at foot. 170 x 105mm.; a very good copy of this eccentric design.  £35

274 WATSON, Wm. Armorial Shield in Garter, 'Think' Unobtrusive rust mark from pin in right margin, well clear of engraved surface, otherwise well preserved. Franks 31100.  £4

275 WAY, Gregorius Ludovicus. Pictorial Armorial; contemplative seated knight with canted shield on river bank. A good copy of this attractive plate, apparently designed by the owner. 'It was copied for the title-page of a book entitled 'Spencer Farm'. The river represents the River Way in Dorsetshire.' Franks 31145/6.  £10

276 WEBB, Henry. Llwynarthan. W.P.B. Large Pictorial by 'W.P.B. 1909' showing house in central oval within pine forest, bear going to stream, within rustic wooden frame. 100 x 80mm; a very good copy. Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Henry Webb trained as a mining engineer and became a director of several South Wales collieries. Created 1st Baronet of Llwynarthan, Monmouth, in 1916 and High Sheriff of Monmouthshire in 1921, he was Liberal MP for Forest of Dean (1911–1918) and Cardiff East (1923–1924), and Junior Lord of the Treasury (1912–1915).  £15

277 [WEBBER, James, Of Christ Church, Oxford.?] Wreath & Ribbon Armorial plate with dragon rampant on central lozenge. Unnamed but with manuscript attribution. Perhaps Franks 31188 with name excised?  £5

278 WESTON. Chippendale armorial plate, 'Pennis Meis Non Confido'; slightly soiled but good margins. Faint early inked inscription at head: 'Charles Orme May 31st 1782. I bought this at Leicester.' Franks 31378.  £8

279 WHELER, Mr John. Festooned Spade Shield Armorial; a very large good copy. Franks 31455.  £5

WHISTLER, Rex. See items 62 & 187

280 WHITBREAD Children's Library. [ROBINSON, Charles?] Large Pictorial plate showing seated boy & girl reading at the entrance to Fairyland within side border of tall sentinel flowers and scrolls at head & tail, the latter quoting Stevenson's Child's Garden of Verses: 'The World is so full of a number of things I'm sure we should all be as happy as Kings.' 165 x 120mm.; trimmed close at sides, very slight browning at margins but a good copy of this attractive Art Nouveau plate in the style of Charles Robinson who had illustrated Stevenson in 1895, but artist's cypher at bottom left apparently combines letters M, A & T. See cover picture.  £25

WHITE, Robert. See item 144

281 WILLIAM, Whittingham. WHITTINGHAM, Charlotte. Pictorial Armorial in pounced style, 'Hope Well and Have Well', William Whittingham. 62 x 70mm., a very good copy of this handsome plate for the printer son of Charles Whittingham incorporating the lion and dolphin & anchor device adopted by the Chiswick Press. Designed by his artist sister Charlotte with her monogram and presumably engraved on wood by Mary Byfield. Not in Franks.  £25

WILLIAMS, John. See item 95

282 WILMOT, John. Chippendale armorial; 'Delectant Domi non Impediunt Foris'; slightly soiled but with good margins. Franks 32031.  £5

283 WILMOT, Sir John Eardley Knt. London. Chippendale armorial; slightly soiled but good margins. Franks 32033.  £6

284 WITHERS, Percy. NICHOLSON, William. Pictorial Pen & Ink, 'Ex Libris. Percy Withers.' signed W[illiam] N[icholson. A very good copy of this surreal design of standing female nude & attendant cherubs (tied to?) candlestick with towering candle dripping wax on book-strewn desk against a coastal landscape with scudding cirrus above. See illustration at Item 51.  £35

285 WOLSELEY, General Viscount SHERBORN, C.W. Armorial; 'Mors Mihi Vita Est. Homo Homini Lupus'. General Viscount Wolseley of Wolseley [in the] County of Stafford & Baron Wolseley of Cairo.' Signed C.W.S[herborn], 1885. Trimmed close but a nice copy. Franks 32355.  £12

286 WOOD. Festooned Armorial; light dust-soiling but a good large copy of this elegant plate. Franks 32370.  £5

287 W[ATKIN], J.B. Chippendale armorial monogram plate; slightly soiled & rubbed but a good copy. Franks 31014.  £5

YATES. See item 65

288 YATES, Edmund. Vesica Seal Armorial, 'Fortiter Fideliter Feliciter', with facsimile signature at foot; a very good copy. Franks 32825.  £6

289 YATES, James. Horticultural Pictorial with central water cistern; 'Allen Sct. Birmingm.' Probably after a drawing by Yates himself, who 'passed his later years in learned leisure at Lauderdale House, Highgate, Middlesex, where he had a fine library, a valuable collection of works of art, and a noted garden.' Unitarian Minister & scholar, Yates was the second largest contributor to William Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (1842). 'He supplied drawings for one-half of the woodcuts and wrote one-eighth of the text.' DNB  £8

290 YOUNG, Revd. John. Pictorial Armorial with central canted shield, 'Robori Prudentia Praestat'. 100 x 80mm; a very good copy with large margins of this handsome late 18thC plate, perhaps of the Secessionist minister & political commentator, best known for his Essays on Government, Revolution, the British Constitution, Kingly Government... of 1794. Franks 32919.  £10

291 YOUNG, Sir William. Early 19thC. Armorial plate, 'Tria Junc[ta] in Uno', 'Prae Utilitate Patria'; trimmed close, otherwise well preserved. 'The plate of Admiral Young reworked.' Franks 32937. Young entered the navy in 1761, became Admiral in 1805 and Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom in 1819. Nominated a K.B. in 1814, becoming G.C.B. the following year on the reconstruction of the Order of the Bath.  £5